Who Said Beetles Floated???

Whoever made that statement didn’t know my poor old Beetle!
Back in the late 1990’s I was still using my 1300S as a daily driver and loving every minute of it. One New Years Eve I took myself to Martin Murray’s Eirespares to get four centre caps for the alloys I ran on the Beetle at that time.
I had ordered them a few weeks earlier so I knew they were in and thought it was time to pop out and see Martin. The problem though was the weather. It was probably the worst rain and high winds Ireland had seen all year and the flooding that was a result was catching everyone out. Not me though, I knew the road! ……..oh, the confidence (stupidity) of youth!
Despite my 1300S nearly being blown off the Limerick to Tipperary road I got to Monard and turned off towards Eirespares. As I turned one of the last corners all I could see was water everywhere. A small stream had turned into a fast flowing river and covered the road which had a hidden dip, even more hidden under many feet of water!!!!

I hit the brakes and shut the engine off as my 1300S slid into the water, stopping only when I hit the dike at the edge of the road. The Beetle went down on one side and filled with water. I rolled down the passenger window and climbed out. It had turned so much that I was actually standing on the side of the passenger door before I jumped in and waded my way out. By the time Martin came out the rain had stopped and the water had receded somewhat so I waded back in, tied a rope to the front bumper and we pulled my 1300S free.

Back at Eirespares we pulled the plugs, turned the engine by hand pushing the any water out. Thankfully I shut it off before hitting the water so a quick spray of Damp Start and it fired up! I drove it home, pulled the interior and dried it in front of every fire and radiator in the house. A dehumidifier was put into the Beetle and a few days later normality resumed.

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