Ireland’s first ever census on classic Irish aircooled VWs


Beetle.ie aims to celebrate Ireland’s unique position in VW’s global history as the first country outside of Germany to manufacture the Beetle. Our history goes right back to 1950 when the late Stephen O’Flaherty took a gamble on a quirky and untested car from Germany, only a few short years after the end of WW2 and opened a manufacturing plant in an old tram depot on Shelbourne Road, Dublin.

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Recent Additions and Updates

We have a total of 744 VWs listed now. Thank you for all the submissions, keep them coming!
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4640 IU

CIU 721

73 C 872

78 KE 78

2195 IU

NI 9363

OZX 90

347 BIE

ZS 6028

4340 ZI

73 C 963

AIX 392

766 IZA

427 WZA

MIR 651

684 PRI

HIC 357

YZU 832

856 ZU

74 MN 45

69 D 829