Special Editions

Special Edition Beetles

During the 1970’s VW were struggling to maintain the high sales previously seen from their faithful Beetle. In an effort to combat the decline in sales, also driven by the oil crisis in the 1970’s, VW introduced some Special Editions. Many were instantly recognisable but others not so. Many faded into a sea of Beetles either due to wheel changes, repaints or simply succumbed to the dreaded rust.
We want to see just how many Special Editions were imported and how many remain today so we have begun the lengthy process of compiling a listing of the Special Edition Beetles from the 1970’s including the Marathon Beetle, the Anniversary Beetle, 1300S Beetle and even the recently discovered Colorado Beetle.

Maybe you’ve owned one or discovered one in a barn and are about to start restoring it. Our listing will be organic and will evolve over time as we gather more and more information, with the aim being that Beetle.ie will not only provide you with a gallery of images to use as a reference point for your restorations but the information gathered on paint codes, specific details of that Special Edition and chassis number ranges will help you identify your VW as a Special Edition Beetle.

Type 2 Splitscreen ‘Barndoor’ Buses & Vans

We are also compiling a listing of rare Barndoor Buses. These Type 2 VWs were produced from 1951 through to 1955 and carried unique features that were lost in the updated 1955/56 model range. The large engine lid which lead to its nickname as the Barndoor, semaphore indicators, 16” wheels and small rear lights to name but a few. Compiling this listing has not been easy but through word of mouth, family photos and period city and country photos we are getting an accurate figure of the numbers produced. None of these Buses have survived to this day but we hope we can keep their legacy alive through Beetle.ie