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WARNING.— The person in whose name this vehicle is displayed may or may not be the current owner of the vehicle. Readers are warned, therefore, that this entry is not proof of ownership.


Registration Mark
ZV 25534
(a) Type:
Type 2
(b) Year:
(c) Colour:
(d) Paint code:
(e) Engine CCs:


(a) Country of origin:
United States
(b) County first reg'd:
(c) Current or last known location:

Model information

Bay Window Westfalia Camper and Type 2 Bay Window


Joseph Purfield snapped this Late Bay at the 2018 Terenure Show which was held on July 1st of 2018.

This February 1974 Westfalia was in excellent condition and was also a perfect place for the family to take shelter from the hot sun that day.

Originally registered in County Cork when this was imported, we’re not sure where this Westy is parked at night but what we do know is that they must be very proud owners and rightly so!

Submitted by: Joseph M Purfield

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