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Hi there,
My name is Eric
I’m recently an owner of my first Beetle.

From a very young age I was mesmerised by this fantastic machine. From the young age of 4 I’d hide in the front of a beetle owned by a family member and my family would search for hours for me. From then on I’ve always dreamed of owning a Beetle. As I got older I worked hard and strived for one day to finally get one. My search began in Jan 2018 and after a few searches I found a beetle which caught my eye. When I rang the number oblivious to who it was it turned out to be a friends car, so it felt right that I should go see it. Once I set my eyes on it I knew I had to have it. I told my friend that I had no money but if he could hold onto it for me until March 13th my father’s 70th birthday I’d have it. I paid his asking price, through hard work I gradually paid him in lumps over the course of a few weeks until the day came to collect it. I had worked all day and could only collect it at midnight on Friday 16th March. My brother picked me up and my niece/godchild Rebecca was sitting in the back. When we got to the car she jumped in it and instantly fell in love. She asked when can I take her on a spin, I told her ‘in 2 weeks’.

Sadly that 2 weeks didn’t come on the 27th March my beautiful niece passed away in her sleep aged 23.
Distraught thinking she never saw the car, my brother reminded me she did see it then I remembered, it gave me comfort. I decided to call my car ‘Becky’ in her memory.

I got a Reg with her name on it and found a beetle flower planter and had to buy it. I know it’s had previous owners who’ve carefully taken care of it but I know now every time I drive it she will be there.

Reg NKI291
R.I.P Rebecca ‘Becky’ Russell

Thank you for the opportunity to write this mail
Eric Russell

*Update 20-3-19: Thanks to Eric for the latest update photo. We’re loving the whitewall tyres, detailed rims and the white wing beading*

Submitted by: Eric Russell

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