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Registration Mark
7029 IM
(a) Type:
Type 1
(b) Year:
(c) Colour:
(d) Paint code:
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Model information

1200 Base Model Beetle and 1200N


Original Galway registered Beetles are always hard to find as they, like any old car by the sea will have succumbed to the ravages of the salt sea air so it was nice to see this 1977 1200N Beetle had survived, albeit in need of a lot of work.

The Beetle looks to be reasonably original although may have had at least one respray in its 40+ years. The original cardboard door cards are beyond repair and the upholstery is shot but the bones of the original Beetle are there.

Sadly the dreaded rust has taken hold and by the looks of it, the drivers door may have been left open and exposed the floorpan to the elements. Both heater channels need to be replaced and I suppose like any Beetle nowadays, it will need rust repair, and quite a lot in this case. Not helped of course by the fact it has been off the road and I would assume sitting outside since 2000

The Spooners of Roscrea rear window dealer sticker is a nice touch. The rear number plate has survived and could be restored. Sadly the original front plate seems to have been swapped at some stage for a more modern version.

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