70 L 801

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70 L 801
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Now this was a rare bird. Possibly the only one ever to grace these shores.

It’s a Brazilian VW SP2, a genuine factory VW sports car based on the Type3 platform of the time. This example, photographed here at the Limerick VW Show in 2000, at the Two Mile Inn on the Ennis Rd, belonged to the late Stanley Williams from Limerick. While keeping it in tip-top condition, Stan made the subtle modification of adding Porsche Fuchs wheels to the car. As far as I know, it was otherwise left as the factory intended.

I remember seeing Stan arrive at the Limerick VW show back in those days and if the sun was out, the first thing Stan would do was to lay newspapers across the dashboard! I can only imagine how hard it would be to source a replacement dash for the SP2 if it became cracked and perished from the sun so Stan was thinking ahead at the time!!

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