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Registration Mark
3008 ZC
(a) Type:
Type 1
(b) Year:
(c) Colour:
(d) Paint code:
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Model information

1302LS and 1302LS Beetle


A 1300cc 1302 Beetle is not such a common sight in Ireland and nor is its more powerful version, the 1302S with its 1600cc engine but the 1302LS is a very rare sight in Ireland indeed. Not that rare means valuable but they are a nice Beetle to drive with the updated MacPherson front suspension and IRS setup at the rear.

Sadly this 1302LS hasn’t seen the tarmac in a number of years and it will be another few years before it hits the road again, provided it is saved and restored. It is quite rough though we have been told so the asking price and the work involved may rule this one out as a viable restoration project.

This 1302LS was registered in Dublin on January 10th 1972 so in reality it was built in the latter part of 1971. It featured highback seats and rear bumper rubbers which were nice extras to have. The 1600cc engine and disc brakes would have been a lovely touch and that IRS setup would have made this a very steady car on the road, well, in comparison to other Beetles.

If you fancy a restoration project then get in touch and we can put you and the seller together.

Thanks to Andy Kelly for submitting these photos.

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