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Registration Mark
1308 ZD
(a) Type:
Type 1
(b) Year:
(c) Colour:
Pastel White
(d) Paint code:
(e) Engine CCs:


(a) Country of origin:
(b) County first reg'd:
(c) Current or last known location:

Model information

1972 1300 Deluxe Beetle


To mark the 400th VW uploaded to the Beetle.ie VW Census we are delighted to bring this very special Beetle to you.

Why is this Beetle so special? It’s not a Split Window or an Oval Window Beetle, a Ragtop ’62 Beetle or a Special Edition such as a 1300S or Anniversary Beetle so what makes this Beetle so special? I guess to anyone looking at this Beetle it looks like a very well cared for 1972 Beetle but it’s nothing special right?

Wrong! This Beetle is special because it not only has a one family ownership from day one but there is also the most comprehensive service history including main dealers right the way through to the Beetle specialists who took over the care of this Beetle as it got older. There is even a photo of the Beetle following its owner, who drove it daily for over 42 years, on her final journey. I don’t know any VW in Ireland that can top that!

I think it’s only right that Paddy Carroll, the very proud current owner, tells you all about his beautiful 1972 1300 Beetle that has been a part of his family since 1972.

The car was bought brand new by my Great Aunt Bridie Bauress and her husband Harry in March of 1972. Bridie and Harry had owned a Beetle previously but they decided a new 1300cc Beetle was a good idea. The new car smell was hardly gone from the car when on the 27th of April 1972 Harry died unexpectedly so Bridie was the only person to drive the Beetle.

The car lived its whole life in Ashfield Park on the Stillorgan Road Dublin 4. Many people will have seen it flying around over the years between Dublin and Bridie’s home town of Wexford where she travelled frequently to see relatives and friends. Her sister Nancy often travelled with her when she was home visiting from the UK and she fondly referred to the car as the “Bullet”.

It’s been meticulously maintained over the years as the service history shows by main dealers and some trusted private garages that specialise in old VWs.

The car was her only source of transport from 1972 until 2014 when she stopped driving due to ill health. It then stood idle in the driveway in Ashfield Park for some time until her brother, my grandfather, and I took the car back to the home place in Wexford. He was always into the vintage scene albeit the agricultural side of it, tractors and machinery, but he was planning to use the car for vintage runs and shows but having only owned the car for little more than a year he passed away unexpectedly after a short illness. The day before he died at his hospital bedside he asked me if I had any interest in the Beetle. “I would have” I replied, “well its yours so” was his reply. There I was, now the keeper of a one family from new 1972 VW Beetle 1300.

It did need some recommissioning at that point from sitting idle but I was put in touch with a chap called Padraig Bolger in Kilkenny who helped out with the mechanical end of the recommissioning by fitting new brakes and carried out a service and a tune up.

That was in 2016 and since then I have put over 3,000 miles on the old girl and I love it. It needs an overhaul now bring it back up to scratch again which I plan to do pretty soon and then I’ll be back to using it as much as I can.

Beetle.ie: I think you’ll agree that Paddy’s Beetle was worth holding onto until we hit a special number. If you have something special let us know and maybe your VW could take that very special 500th spot!

Submitted by: Paddy Carroll

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