Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for submitting information, photographs and stories to Beetle.ie

1. Registration

Some areas of the site require that you register your details with us. By registering and submitting content to Beetle.ie, you agree that:

  • You have not provided a false or incorrect name, email address or false personal information and have not impersonated another person.
  • You will not interfere with the operation of the website in any way.
  • If you continue to use the site, you are deemed to continue to accept these terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to suspend your access to or usage of the website should we believe these terms and conditions are not being adhered to.

2. Uploading/Submitting Content

By submitting your information, photographs and stories (to be known as content) you agree to grant Beetle.ie a non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licencable right and licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute and make available to the public, exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to your content worldwide and/or to incorporate your content in other works and publications in any form, media or technology. The content submitted is irrevocable.

2.2  By submitting your content you are confirming that you are the owner/caretaker of same and as such you have the right to grant this license.

2.3  To the extent permitted by law, you waive your moral rights (e.g. the right to be identified as the author) in your content.

2.4  You must not submit any content to Beetle.ie that is racist, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, defamatory, malicious, threatening, false, misleading, blasphemous, indecent, obscene or of a sexual nature

2.5  Content that is likely to cause someone alarm, anxiety or distress, encourage violence or racial or religious hatred will be removed.

2.6  These terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Ireland and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

3. Access and Usage of the Content

Your access to and usage of Beetle.ie is strictly for personal non-commercial purposes.

3.2 You acknowledge and irrevocably accept that Beetle.ie is the owner and/or licensee of all content of the site, including copyrights, trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property rights.

3.3 Content for the site may not be downloaded, printed, forwarded or copied for personal or commercial use. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, download, post, broadcast, transmit, distribute, lend, hire, sub-license, rent, rebrand, change or otherwise use in any way any Beetle.ie content

4. Disclaimer of Liability

Where links are provided on the site to other websites, Beetle.ie bears no responsibility for such sites. These sites are not under our control and we are not responsible in any way for any of their contents.

4.2 Where links are provided to websites which offer any goods and services for sale, any contractual relationship entered into by you will be with the merchant selling the goods or providing the services. Beetle.ie will not have privy to any contract and accepts no responsibility in relation to the goods or services provided, their delivery or non-delivery, their quality or merchantability.

4.3  By submitting content you agree to indemnify Beetle.ie against all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred by Beetle.ie as a result of your breach of the above terms and agree to waive any moral rights in your content for the purposes of its submission to and publication on Beetle.ie and its subsequent published works.

5. Amendment and Alterations

From time to time, Beetle.ie may amend or alter these terms and conditions for commercial, practical and legal reasons.
Such alterations or amendments would be incorporated onto the Beetle.ie website and will deem to take effect immediately there from. As set out in Clause 1, each time you access the Independent site you agree to be bound by terms and conditions then current.