What is Beetle.ie?

Beetle.ie is a website that will capture photos, stories and information (content) about how VW in Ireland changed the motoring landscape since the first Beetle was built here in 1950. It will be a snapshot of the VW scene as it was back in the day and how it is now.

Beetle.ie will capture the stories from mechanics who served their time on VWs, the owners who worked their VWs and the owners who cherished their VWs. Perhaps a member of your family adored their VW and you have some old photos you’d like to share? We want to hear your stories of roadside repairs, home restorations and what life was like living with your old VW

Beetle.ie is a website for everyone who owns or has ever owned an aircooled VW

What can I submit?

You can submit everything from your old family photos showing an old VW as it was used back in the day, holiday photos with your old Type 3 in the background, scenic photos showing old VWs and your old show photos from back in the day. Basically, if you think it’s interesting, we will too!

How can I get my content on the website?

  • You can upload your car/van details through the website using the ‘REGISTER’
  • If preferred you can email beetleireland@gmail.com with your content

Where will the photos be seen?

Photos and stories and general content will be displayed on the Beetle.ie in a number of areas. If you have uploaded photos of an aircooled VW it will be seen in the ‘Listings’ section while old show photos, memorabilia and stories will be seen in the ‘Your Stories’ section

Not all content will be uploaded onto Beetle.ie as some may be held back for publication in the book.

What is the book?

The ultimate purpose of Beetle.ie is to capture your photos, stories and nostalgia for a book that is being worked on currently.
The book will shine a light on a number of aspects of motoring life in Ireland:

  • How Stephen O’Flaherty’s brave decision to open up the world’s first VW production plant outside Germany changed how Ireland sees the motor car.
  • The book will also look at the popularity surrounding VWs from the farmer who worked them hard pulling trailers to the first generation of Beetle enthusiasts who showered love and attention onto these loyal little cars.
  • Finally, the book will capture your VW stories and memories once and for all

Why a website?

  • With available technology the best way to reach people all over Ireland is through a website.
  • It allows people to submit content in minutes and at no cost.
  • It will also allow you to dictate the direction the book because your content will populate the book.